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EPC CUSTOMER UPDATE - for Core customers wishing to access the latest information on EPC's and their software, please download this PDF;

EPC legislation changes for Encore32 and EncoreLive.pdf

Since its establishment in 1994 Core Systems has been a leading supplier of estate agency software throughout the UK property industry with our customers range from new start ups to multiple branch chains. Our continuous development in estate agency software has enabled us to provide the very best solutions to our client base.

Featured estate agency software - EncoreLive

Our latest estate agency software – EncoreLive –is a prime example of our ability to provide estate agents with the tools they need to run their business effectively. Combining the power of a desktop product with the flexibility of browser-based software EncoreLive is the perfect tool for the modern day estate agent. Find out more about EncoreLive

But that's not all

We not only provide market-leading estate agency software programmes, we also offer a comprehensive range of services including installation, training and support, SMS texting, portal management and a property website.